i'm kendra

michigan film inspired wedding & lifestyle photographer 

Most days you can find me decorating our little ranch with my favorite items I've found from a good days worth of junkin' at my local antique shops. I'm a tad obsessed with anything modern farmhouse. I suppose that's because it reminds me of growing up on my parent's fruit farm, which makes me smile. I am a wife to my husband and best friend, Zach, and a dog mom to our high-spirited black German Shepherd, Georgia. Being outside with the two of them brings me the simplest form of joy. Our list of places to adventure is basically 7 miles long. To me, there's nothing better than a fresh new morning (with coffee in hand of course) feeling ready to tackle the day. I'm organized, yet laid-back; free spirited, yet grounded; and outgoing, yet introverted.

film inspired photography

what it means

"Film inspired" is a term I made up myself to describe my style of photography. It means I shoot and edit to emulate the look of real film. Not film like the movies, but film you load into a camera and later have developed. Film produces images that have a unique richness and character to them. They're light and airy without being overexposed and have a

pastel aesthetic while remaining true to real life color to create timeless images. I shoot and edit my digital images to emulate film in the most authentic way possible by creating creamy skin tones and an overall softness. Although I don't consider myself a hybrid photographer (film + digital) I may end up shooting a couple rolls of real film at your wedding!

We bought our little ranch on the lake a few years ago and we've always got a project going on. Our latest was the kitchen remodel. Zach and I love making this little house into a home. And yes, Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal.

the favs

our fixer upper

I love to get outside any chance I get. It's like a reset button, even if it's just to take Georgia for a walk. I love to hike and explore new places and sometimes I'll even let Zach talk me into a mountain bike ride.

the favs


Whether it's hitting up downtown Grand Rapids to try out a new IPA or sipping some rosé up in Traverse City, I like to play tourist in my own state. I love that I don't have to go far to feel like I'm on vacation.

the favs

being a michigander

Georgia is our three year old black German Shepherd. She loves to play frisbee, swim in the lake and enjoys peanut butter bones. Get used to seeing her around - working from home would be boring without her.

the favs


MY why

the heart behind 

what I do

Wedding photography is a lot of things, but most of all it's an investment in someone to capture and document your wedding day. When the wonderful day is done, the cake has been eaten, the dress hung, you are left as newlyweds with your wedding photographs. These images will be your first family heirloom. 

My goal is to capture what is real, with nothing forced or posed. I want to tell stories. I want you look at my images and feel something. I approach all my sessions and weddings with a pairing of lifestyle and fine art because I want you to have both the wall hangers and the photos that you can look back on and bring you right back to that moment in time. 


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